The Australian Festival of Travel Writing is now ready for boarding!

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone!

Travel is never boring. Great travel writing should reflect that fact.

The Australian Festival of Travel Writing (AFTW) celebrates the excitement of travel, interpreted by some of the world’s leading specialists in the travel genre.

Getting out of your comfort zone embraces the concept that travel is stimulating to both the mind and soul. Travel nurtures perception, widens perspectives and distils communication on a global scale.

This year’s multi-media festival will feature internationally acclaimed writers and broadcasters. A scintillating range of presentations – from workshops aimed at inspiring budding new writers to rousing wide ranging talks given by renowned travel authorities – are part and parcel to this festival.

Our upcoming festival showcases many fascinating aspects of travel as a source of wonder and delight. Alongside the regular panels with renowned local and international travel writers, we’ve planned a number of new events as a means to encourage more public involvement. There’ll be spirited debates about the rising numbers of “voluntourists” and “humanitourists” and what this means for travel industries and destination trends, the world of travel from a surfer’s perspective, a prize for the best new writer in the field, and a bunch of other competitions. We’ve lined up an excellent array of best selling writers and award winning videographers. We’ve also included a business view of travel. Why is travel a multi billion dollar business? We’ve asked industry leaders to help us understand how to get the best value for our money when booking a holiday. How much advertising is real or merely spin? We’re aiming to present a festival appealing to all travellers, from frequent flyers to travel dreamers alike.

Getting out of your comfort zone is about seeing travel as a stimulant to all of our senses and sensibilities. Travel is not just about sightseeing – it engenders global responsibility.

As we cross borders while encountering peoples from vastly different walks of life, we have the opportunity to grow closer in humanity.

The world is a more peaceful place when we get out of our comfort zones.