Saturday 23 March


Smart Traveller or Reckless Tourist? The Ethics of Travelling Today

How can we engage with and report on travel in meaningful and ethical ways when social media promotes frequent and bold styles of travel, hidden tourist heavens go viral, the climate is changing and native culture is altered and streamlined in a globalized world? Our panel of experts including Rolf Potts, Kris Madden, Tom Neal Tacker, Josiane Behmoiras, Patrick Holland & Alex Landragin discuss the dilemmas confronting the travel writer in the 21st century.



Sunday 24 March


Voluntourism – Good Deeds or Guilt Trips?

Voluntourism is a trend growing in popularity that combines travel with volunteer work. It’s marketed as a good way to experience the world while doing something good for others. So is voluntourism a rite of passage that makes the world a better place or is it a practice that does more damage than good? Join us for the final debate of the festival as we scratch the surface to uncover a complex debate. Chaired by Andy Dawson, Professor of Anthropology & Development Studies at the University of Melbourne.

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