Rolf Potts

The Art and Ethics of Travel Writing Workshop

With Rolf Potts
Wednesday 20th March
9.30am – 4.30pm
University of Melbourne
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The task of the literary travel writer is to engage with the world and
bring back human-centered stories that go beyond the alarmist din of
news reporting and past the glossy promotion of travel advertising.
Veteran travel journalist and Yale University lecturer Rolf Potts will
lead a workshop session on the art and ethics of literary travel
writing in the 21st century, including:

How to travel in such a way that enables meaningful experiences and stories
How to get beyond the tourism-slanted veneer of a given destination
How to use your own passions to find a “window” into a travel story
How to manage your travel expectations within the surprising realities of a globalized world
How to take notes, conduct interviews, and manage information in the field
How to structure a nonfiction travel story that captivates the reader
How to manage the ethical pitfalls of traveling in and writing about other lands
How to use multimedia technology in telling a travel tale
How to balance the benefits and drawbacks of using technology and social media on a journey
How to sell literary travel tales, and where
What kinds of classic and contemporary travel literature to read up on
How to get past the myths and enjoy the realities of life as a travel writer

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Travel Memoir Workshop

With Claire Scobie

Friday 22nd March
9.30am – 4.30pm
University of Melbourne
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Google Earth may mean the world is shrinking, but the genre of travel writing just keeps getting bigger. Go into any bookstore and you’ll find a wide range of titles from literary to humorous, from a sea change in Tuscany to travelling the Andes on a donkey. Travel memoir in particular has a strong foothold in the publishing market. Publishers and the reading public love this genre. From the comfort of our armchair we are given a glimpse into another world.

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, whether you’re a writing traveller – or a travelling writer – what’s important is learning to be a good storyteller. Unlike travel journalism, literary travel writing uses many of the narrative techniques common in fiction.

It isn’t enough to string together disparate trips and hope it will become the next runaway bestseller: you need to craft a compelling story with credible characters, dialogue, atmosphere and revelation.

Filled with plenty of practical exercises this one-day course, taught by award-winning author Claire Scobie, will give you the tools and inspiration to transform your notes into a travel memoir.

This interactive workshop will take you through:

How to structure your travel memoir

How to find the central idea of a place

Ways to transform dog-eared travel journals into a must-read manuscript

Popular genres of travel writing and

Tips on how to get published.