Tom Neal Tacker is an intrepid traveller. Aged eight, he accompanied his parents to Miami Beach and lost them as quickly as possible. His approach to writing about travel has always been about the less than well-trod path, particularly if food and wine are included.

Having survived epidemics in Burkina Faso, warfare in Uganda, a trip on the “death boat” up the Sudanese Nile, muggings in Rio de Janeiro, bear and moose attacks in Alaska, scams in Turkey and working in Mother Theresa’s Kolkata hospice he knows all about travel on the wild side. He is a regular contributor to publications such as: The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, Australian Traveller, Skylar, En Route, CWL Connect, Australian Gourmet Pages, Get Lost!, Time Out and numerous in-flight magazines. His work has also been published in three anthologies: ’Best Foot Forward: 30 Years of Australian Travel Writing’, ‘Red Dust & Wanderlust, Tales of Travel in Australia’ and ‘Snapshots of Sri Lanka, Travel Tales from the Island of Serendipity’.

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